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Coloradopreneur, Tori Murphy is a Denver-based online fitness and nutrition coach. Tori is a Colorado native, born and raised in Conifer. She attended college in Utah where she studied business and was introduced to the health and fitness world. Tori explains that, after gaining weight during college, she developed disordered eating habits. She first struggled with restrictive eating. That developed into a condition called orthorexia, which is the obsession and superiority complex with clean eating. While in college, Tori began personal training as a part-time job with no intention to turn it into her career. Her first client, a 64 year old newly-widowed man, told her that training completely changed his life, she kept on training … and never looked back.

The Fit Trials

Tori pours her attention, heart and soul into working with her clients who range from nurses and business professionals to students. The common theme with her clients is that they have been able to get their fitness about 80% of the way. Next they need extra help to get to the final goal. Tori emphasizes that her clients are people who have the intrinsic motivation to workout, but need her to adapt it to their lifestyle.

Tori operates her business using outcome-based decisions. She works hard to find what works for each individual and ensure that plans are matched to their lifestyle. Most people assume they need to exercise five times a week to see results. Tori believes that three days for 30 minutes is ample to create lasting change.

Unlike personal trainers and online trainers who workout with clients in person or via Skype, Tori is a fitness consultant. She creates workout plans, creates nutrition guides and attempts to uncover underlying issues that may block their goals. Tori’s philosophy is simplicity. “It’s supposed to be simple. It’s not supposed to be another headache on top of your already super busy life,” she says. Her workout guides  focus on four or five simple compound movements.

The Industry

The barrier for entry the coaching industry has lowered as the interest in personal coaching has grown.  Individuals need to do some research to find a trainer who will provide them the greatest  benefit. Tori explains her exact style of training to potential clients and outlines what they can expect. “It’s a partnership,” she says.

After working as an in-person trainer, Tori switched to online coaching after seeing a gap in the industry. In-person training allowed her to have client contact twice a week, not  providing time for her to learn about other parts of their lives. Online training has allowed Tori to help people on a lifestyle level. Most people seek coaching to help with exercise and diet, however the value of working with Tori comes with the unexpected obstacles uncovered.


Business Style

Clients work with Tori for a minimum of six months. Statistically there is only a minor amount of lasting change before then (while improvement in sleep and clothes fitting looser are wins along the way). Tori believes it takes more time and effort to achieve the best results. “I thoroughly believe that the testimonials I have, and the results that my clients achieve, are largely due to the actual thought that goes into coaching.” Although The Fit Trials is fairly new, Tori’s business is finding rapid success.




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