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Meet Denver-based, “serial entrepreneur” Stephanie Rosa who is fully committed to the world of festivals. How did she get to where she is today? Born in Virginia and raised in Chicago, Stephanie spent much of her young life, as she describes it, “super nerdy, lacking self confidence and on the outside.” It was while she was attending the University of Illinois that she began to open up. Her college experience introduced her to her first festival, Bonnaroo, which she attended in 2007.

Work, and More Work

Stephanie’s full-time job is with a company called Festicket. Festicket, a festival ticketing and travel company. Based in the UK, they are a festival discovery platform to help people find shows  based on their location, the date and their music interests. A busy entrepreneur, Stephanie’s other endeavors are businesses of her own. These include: Festival Squad, Festivate and Persona Collective. Festivate is a marketing company that works to help events with online presence as well as managing influencers. Persona Collective is her newest endeavor, which is a festival accessory company.

Festival Squad and How it Came to Be

Festival Squad is an online publication focusing on the music festival culture and its people. It gives people an understanding of the pulse of different festivals. She tells us that Festival Squad was her first real step into the festival sphere and, through its development, she has catapulted into learning a great deal about the industry. 

Before Festival Squad and her other entrepreneurial endeavors, Stephanie worked for many years in PR. After jumping from one company to another, she found herself unhappy and at a breaking point. After realizing she wanted more from life, Stephanie embarked on a few weeks of traveling where she would attend concerts and other festivals. A friend recommended she start a blog. was launched shortly after and became a place for her to share her stories and experiences. As she spent more time attending festivals, she had an epiphany durning Burning Man. She realized she wanted to build a team, soon to become Festival Squad.


Life in the Music Festival Industry

What’s it like traveling and living this very fun life? Stephanie explains that while she loves the industry, there are many hard things that come with the job(s). For example, the beginning of each year is prime time for festivals to release line-ups and dates, making people like Stephanie very busy. She tells us that she often wakes up with hundreds of missed calls, texts, emails and slack messages. Some mornings she opens her computer and doesn’t put it down all day. So, while traveling and never experiencing “true boredom” is part of Stephanie’s everyday life, the hard work she dedicates to this job is truly admirable.




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