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Stephanie Lodge of The Athlete’s Kitchen was born in Philadelphia where she was exposed to the “gym life” watching her mom work as a personal trainer. While her career and passion for health and fitness exists now, Stephanie explains that she didn’t get into lifting until after college. She attended Temple University, in Philadelphia, where she studied  psychology and neuroscience. As her interest for lifting, bodybuilding and general health increased, she began writing health blogs while she worked as a bartender and nanny.



Stephanie moved to Colorado after visiting her aunts in Denver. She fell in love with the Colorado life and was offered a room in her aunt’s house while she got established. With nothing tying her to Philadelphia, Stephanie made the move. Living in Colorado, her passion for health and wellness blogging expanded and has since become her full time job.

The Athlete’s Kitchen

The website Stephanie created, The Athlete’s Kitchen, is now her full time passion. This website is a resource for health and fitness inspiration. Visitors will find plentiful resources, including: recipes, nutrition consulting, training programs and more. Stephanie also invites people to reach out to her directly to ask questions about their health and wellness goals. Stephanie does all her own writing and photography for the business.


Stephanie’s hope for The Athlete’s Kitchen is to become a resource for people who want to improve their lives. In the beginning, she assumed, “people must already know all this information.”  After attending many conferences it was clear there are gaps in what people understand about health. “Many people don’t know the basics,” she explains. With The Athlete’s Kitchen, it’s Stephanie’s goal to educate people on the most efficient way to fuel their bodies for their activities.  

Weightlifting & Misconceptions

Stephanie’s fitness routine includes two powerlifting movements: the snatch and clean as well as the jerk. These are two complicated, compound lifts. Being a powerlifter comes with many misconceptions. Stephanie explains that many people worry that powerlifting will result in a bulky physique. She puts these misconceptions to rest, explaining that getting bulky requires a specific kind of training and dedication.




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