PODCAST Epi. 43 – KATIE WAFER • Hydrate IV Bar

Episode 43!  Katie Wafer returns to talk about 2020, her team’s experience adapting to change, pivoting and adding new services, building a franchise model ready to expand to other markets, ongoing health precautions, holiday promotion and MUCH MORE!

Tune in to hear the latest news and inspiring words from one of our favorite people in Denver.

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In her second appearance on the show, Hydrate IV Bar founder and CEO Katie Wafer shares all the stories about the pandemic and pivoting the business.  Stores were closed.  Nurses were inundated at their hospital jobs.  Zero activity or ability to serve the community with Hydrate services… In the early days, Katie did her best to keep a cool head and assess the situation.  Hydrate donated all of its stores of gloves, masks, and sanitation equipment.  Then the team put their heads down and got to work!

A franchise program went from a one year goal to a six month reality.  The new franchise partners that were hired to help steer the program surprised the team with an offer to open the first franchise location in Fort Collins, CO, becoming Hydrates sixth location in Colorado.  In a time where the only certainty was uncertainty, Katie led her team through the turmoil without having to reduce staff or cut any corners.  The company has grown and fostered an even deeper relationship with the community!  Tune in for the whole story!

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Hydrate IV Bar is a collection of IV therapy spas promoting wellness from within across Colorado and beyond. 

Clients come to us for IV therapy, but they stay for the atmosphere. With comfortable chairs, soothing music and a team of unbeatable staff, Hydrate IV Bar spas are a place for you to relax, recharge and refresh your routine.

Here, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. Our IV therapy spas are overseen by a medical team of award-winning, experienced doctors, and all services are administered by the best registered nurses in the business.  We offer monthly memberships for clients who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but we also save space for last-minute IV and injection appointments for walk-ins and those who need to feel better fast.


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