PODCAST EP. 63 Five Must Listen Colorado Podcasts

Today, Andy goes through 5 local business and personal development podcasts you have to check out!

Colorado has more than its share of entrepreneurs, innovators & change-makers on their path to accomplishments a mile high. As you might imagine, there are a lot of entrepreneurship podcasts. It’s sometimes difficult to sort through which are going to be most helpful to you as you navigate your business and personal life in Colorado.

Check out these five innovative podcasts from varied genres. After you’ve enjoyed these well-produced choices, be looking for more recommendations from Andy in the upcoming months. 

Listen in on conversations with host Karl Sona speaking with black executives, entrepreneurs, and founders every Tuesday, as we de-construct their best strategies for successfully breaking the handcuffs of a corporate job, and transitioning to running a business of their dreams.

Ever feel like social media marketing is wasting your business’s time?

The host of Social Bamboo Derek Videll will discuss what media you should consider and offers fast, sustainable social media growth strategies for all types of businesses. 

If you’re a coach or service-based entrepreneur, this is your place to get weekly tips and tools that will help you unlock your money-making potential. Dr. Amanda Barrientez           discusses:          Money | Mindset | Marketing | Manifestation | Habits | Law of Attraction | Business Scaling 

Dave Glaser, CSCS, explores life and love through the lens of the enneagram, attachment theory, and leadership and aims to inspire you to unlock the limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your most authentic self.

Hosts Lauren Germinario and Erica Weiner share hacks of all sorts to up-level your life, health and business. You can expect unique episodes covering topics such as overcoming decision fatigue, breaking behavior patterns, biohacking and much, much more!


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