PODCAST EP. 62 Amy Parsons • Mozzafiato

In Episode 62, Andy sits down with Amy Parsons, CEO of the Italian cosmetic, beauty and personal care brand, Mozzafiato.  Amy left a career in law and academics to chase the entrepreneurial dream in a huge way.  She and her team have partnered with a lineup of hand picked, family-owned businesses from around the country of Italy that have been making their products for hundreds of years.  She’s importing hundreds of products into the United States and has built a direct-to-consumer sales system that is going to compete with the likes of Ulta Beauty, Sephora and Target without relying on any of the traditional retail channels or Amazon.

Amy is a big disruptor and has built an emerging startup in the middle of a pandemic when travel wasn’t available.  Mozzafiato has developed an international supply chain and global operations team entirely remotely.  Amy is at the helm of an explosive startup based in Downtown Denver that is sure to be a household name in the next few years.




Mozzafiato is the Italian Beauty Authority, importing only the best authentic, heritage Italian beauty, fragrance and men’s grooming brands from throughout the country, curated for the North American market. Visit us at www.Mozzafiato.com, @iamMozzafiato

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Based in Denver, CO


Founding CEO of Mozzafiato, a retail platform representing the very best heritage brands in Italian beauty, men’s grooming, fragrance, and home. Amy spent 20 years as a practicing attorney and university executive with the CSU System before launching Mozzafiato in 2020.


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