PODCAST EP. 60 Jennifer Mackenchery • All The Sweets and Other Eats

Andy sits down with Jennifer Mackenchery, of @juanabayeats. Jennifer is the baker and writer of popular food blog All the Sweets & Other Eats and she just started selling her confectionary creations. Jennifer comes from a long line of dessert people, and grew up with a healthy sweet tooth. She quit her job teaching special ed just before COVID hit, and since then she’s found huge success with food blogging (and some tutoring on the side). Jennifer is passionate about telling stories and making people feel good–usually both involve a little chocolate.

Connect with Jennifer:
IG: @juanabay_eats



I never expected that what started out as a project for a college class, would become my passion. Once I had created my blog, I knew that I wanted to continue writing about the food that I made and the recipes that I created. Over time, I’ve gone through lulls and hiatuses, where I’ve almost forgotten my blog even exists. However, over the past couple of years, I’ve started to take my blog a little more seriously. Not only do people deserve to know the secrets of how to craft the perfect chocolate chip cookie, or how to bake a cheesecake with no cracks, but my blog is also an outlet for a girl who loves to make food, is obsessed with talking about it, and craves the creativity that comes with writing about it.

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Based in Denver, CO


Born and raised in Connecticut, I spent much of my childhood in my favorite room of any house: the kitchen. Watching my mom cook dinner for our family of 5 almost every night as I did my homework, or joining her in the kitchen to bake desserts and birthday cakes throughout the year, introduced me to the idea that food brings people together. When you’re eating with others, you’re happy.


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