PODCAST EP. 55 Abby Rosenblum • Disrupticity

Today, Andy sits down with Abby Rosenblum of The Social: Modern Matchmaking for her third appearance. Abby is the relationship guru, with unique methods to help you find that special someone. Andy, the host you know and love, is the media expert–from graphic design to video, social media, and podcasting. Put them together and what do you get? Modern media matchmaking company, Disrupticity. Tune in to hear exciting announcements and get the inside scoop on this new collaboration.



At Disrupticity, we take our client’s publicity goals and seek out the best opportunities for media appearances.

From blog and podcast interviews to magazine and television appearances, we work to get the right pairing of media publication and expert guests (our partners).  We also book public speaking and event appearances across the country.

Regardless the network or audience reach of a professional in any industry, it can be hard to book yourself for media engagements.  For example, even as a successful podcaster or journalist, it can be easy to get access to guests for your program, but when it comes to getting yourself booked on other programs or in other publications, it can be difficult, awkward, or intimidating to ‘ask’ on behalf of yourself.

That’s where we come in!

Disrupticity was founded in 2021 by Andy Petek and Abby Rosenblum to connect talented professionals with media coverage in a model that is affordable and accessible to both the talent and the media.    

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Based in Denver, CO


Based in Denver, Colorado, Abby has built a game-changing system for matching motivated singles with meaningful dates and experiences.  She’s built The Social : Modern Matchmaking from the ground up and cultivated a vast network along the way.  

After launching multiple ventures to help people find love, a publicity agency was a logical step for someone who is literally in the business of matching and connecting people!


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