PODCAST EP. 54 – Alexa Hesse • Yummy Lotus Pepper Jams

Today Andy interviews Alexa Hesse of Yummy Lotus. Yummy Lotus is a company offering locally crafted, vegan, and gluten-free pepper jams that are perfect for a charcuterie board with friends or a new way to spice up your weekly recipes. From farmer’s markets to retail to e-commerce, here what is was like with a new food business mid-pandemic.



Founded in 2016, Yummy Lotus offers locally crafted vegan and gluten-free pepper jams made from only the freshest ingredients. We keep our recipes simple so you know exactly what is going into your body.  Our passion is you and providing jams you can gather around and enjoy with the people you love!

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* Images from YummyLotus.com

Based in Denver, CO


You can find us serving samples at local markets/events, hand-delivering orders made within 15 miles of Highlands Ranch, CO,  and building relationships through superior customer service.  We are so excited to have you share in this journey and we hope you will like, share, follow, and subscribe so you can stay current and an active contributor to our community. 


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