PODCAST EP. 51 – Victoria Garcia • Latinas Who Dare

In episode 51, Andy chats with Victoria Garcia.  Victoria is the founder of Latinas Who Dare, an event and community outreach organization that seeks to empower Latinas in and around Denver.



Based in Colorado, Victoria Garcia started Latinas Who Dare over a year ago to bring together hispanic women and close the wage gap by building a community that would not only bring support to businesses but also grow opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship. From working in a company that served injustice to the latino community by not raising the pay for workers that have dedicated over 18 years of their life, Victoria saw her calling in putting her skills to use to create a community that would allow latinas to shine with the businesses they’ve developed and kick start their journey to success and profit with the help of other businesses that are in similar situations.

As Victoria’s inspiration came from her mom, a pilot, who wanted to fly commercially and dared to pursue a profession that lacked representation of women, Victoria started Latinas Who Dare following the same motto of daring women to unfold their wings and fly. Along Victoria’s journey, she decided to continue her passion and open a cacao beverage company called Apapacho Cacao. Originating from Azatec culture, the term Apapacho was something Victoria grew up hearing in her household which meant to hug or be held with love, while cacao was considered a sacred ritual that was consumed in a beverage form to heal. Victoria transformed this Aztec ritual to bring the same healing energy and positive benefits to others through  3 different forms of cacao being mixed with coconut sugar, cayenne, rose powder, ginger, turmeric, and so many more natural based ingredients.

Don’t miss out on how you can purchase these uplifting, zen cacao drinks online and what the cacao bean represents, as well as how to join Latinas Who Dare and upcoming events! Follow Victoria on Instagram and Facebook @latinaswhodare or apapacho_cacao .

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Based in Denver, CO


I help elevate Latinas by Daring them to step into their power so they can claim and liberate the #ChingonaGoddess that resides within them.


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