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In Episode 49, Andy sits down with Identity and Mindset coach, Samantha Joy. This in-depth conversation includes discussion on minimalism, motivation, self-acceptance, and much more. The interview was SO good, we split it into two parts!

Enjoy part one of Samantha Joy on Coloradopreneurs.


For the first time on Coloradopreneurs, this episode is split into 2 as part 1 introduces Samantha Joy who is an identity coach who created the coaching method “The Less Effect” along with publishing her book, “The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness & Purpose”. The journey for Samantha wasn’t so easy as she was born and raised in Connecticut with a single mom and siblings with a passion for dance. As a child, Samantha suffered from anxiety due to her parents divorce as well as growing an unstable, unhealthy mindset but this all changed after realizing she can influence and control her life and thoughts. With doubting her dancing career, Samantha gravitated towards business school and became a successful accountant while deep down knowing this wasn’t her true passion but would allow her to pursue a life of wealth and validation.

From being a VP at a tech company in NY and traveling, Samantha grew to be a minimalist and go on her own journey of minimalism and examine her environment, habitual life, and social life. While being a consultant for aspiring entrepreneurs, Samantha discovered that each person lacked a connection with their identity and this was her calling to look more into pursuing a life that reflects your identity with intentions. 

Samantha now offers an 8 week program called The Less Effect program which goes step by step of examining your conscious space and seeing who you are and what your identity is, then followed by the first section of exploring physical environment (going into a minimalist mindset and decluttering your house, emails, anything that is in the way of reflecting your true identity). Next, you visit your social environment and see what relationships align with who you are and create a social circle that is full of people who bring out your identity). And finally the most difficult section is coming to terms with your habits and mindsets patterns that have grown on you in a negative way and transform them to become positive habits that are based on your identity. 

In this two part episode, not only will you be hearing words of wisdom on how decluttering your life and reflecting every aspect of yourself can bring out your true identity, but you’ll be on the edge wanting to hear part 2. Be able to hear more about Samantha’s 8 week program, as well as Andy’s personal journey of discovering identity and minimalism, and Samantha’s take on imposter syndrome.  Make sure to follow Samantha on Instagram @samantha_joy__ or @the_less_effect ! 

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Based in Denver, CO


Samantha Joy is an Identity Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers. Her coaching approach focuses on the concept of minimalism, enabling others to shift their identity to their most authentic self by clearing out aspects of their life rooted in an old story. The result is enhanced mental clarity, an improved sense of self, and the ability to design an environment that attracts abundance and fulfillment.



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