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In Episode 44, Andy sits down with Denver-based wine educator Montana Rae and learns all about her business The Wine Ship.  Montana is a certified sommelier.  She spends her days curating wine lists for restaurants, teaching classes, interviewing winemakers on her social media, selecting wine for events and private parties…and SO MUCH more!

Montana and Andy geek out on wine, the best selections in Colorado, and what people need to know when looking for their next bottle at the .www.TheWineShip.com
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Montana and Andy geek out on wine, the best selections in Colorado, and what people need to know when looking for their next bottle at the store.

Introducing Montana Rae, a wine educator, certified sommelier, and owner of The Wine Ship. With a passion for wine, Montana’s mission is to educate people about wine, skip the to-go wine, and expose people to the world of wine. Growing up in Colorado, there’s more to the wine industry than having local vineyards. As Colorado is a tourist destination many people want to visit, the market for wine is flourishing as well as selling locally based wine without any ties to chain wine companies. 

 Backtracking to how Montana got into the business, born in Aspen with a family of wine drinkers and annual Aspen wine festivals, Montana grew a passion for wine and interior design. Studying to get her degree in interior design at The Art Institute of Colorado, Montana decided to take a turn and go into bartending which sparked her interest in a career in wine. While working with small wine distributors and knocking on people’s doors to collect invoices, Montana decided to put her interior design work to use and work with restaurants to design wine menus and eventually become a director of marketing and certified sommelier. 

Living in Colorado, many of her target consumers are outdoorsy, healthy lifestyle people that care about what goes into their body but don’t understand the depth of wine and the whole world of different varieties of wines. By starting up The Wine Ship, Montana’s goal was to create a platform that focused on showing new wine people and anyone who know very little about wine the real craft behind the beverage, to allow people to ask questions, suggest different wines to people, hold virtual taste testings, and help curate cellars. One tip for new wine drinkers and those who want to expand their palette is to always ALWAYS read the label of the wine and find the word ESTATE. As Montana’s goal is to help people choose the right wine, she dives into more red flags to look out for on wine bottles, other techniques to find the value of the wine, and how some high end wines may have lost their touch. 

 Don’t miss the opportunity to hear some of Montana’s favorite wines (hint: most are French and California-based) and Andy’s favorites too, as well learning about some Colorado-based wineries, Andy and Montana’s take on each wine, and so much more on how to find the right wine! So go grab a glass of wine and tune into this episode as you may discover a new wine that might be for you. 

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