PODCAST EP. 29 – Anna Cohen • Unclutter Co.

Today’s guest is professional organizer Anna Cohen!  An expert of all the processes, hacks, tips and tricks to take your living space to the next level of organization and ease of mind.  She shared some amazing insights and we’re excited to share her expert knowledge with our community.  Check it out!


You might be thinking a professional organizer, that’s just a fancier term for housekeeper right? Well, Anna Cohen isn’t just your average house cleaner, with a passion for decluttering, organizing, and engaging with clients her business Uncluttered Co. started after moving to Colorado.

Born in Massachusetts, Anna attended college at Vermont and found herself wanting a change of scenery and moved out to Colorado with a friend. From working in the restaurant industry to wedding coordinating and event marketing to consignment space retail world, Anna knew she had a knack for communicating with people and wanted a job that would impact people’s lives.

With her startup job, originally the goal was to help women clean out their closets and start consignment accounts, but Anna instantly fell in love with seeing her clients reactions and working hands on that her business has now expanded!

With no prior experience, Anna has a gift of creativity in household organization and follows her motto of helping people lead calmer and happier lives through organizing. Hear about some of the spaces Anna has worked with, how she created all her social media content on her own, and the process of setting up an appointment. You might even learn a few tips on how you can clear up some closet space or reorganize your home office! To reach Anna you can visit her website at www.unclutterco.com or Instagram and Facebook @unclutterco. 

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Based in Boulder, CO


Hi! I’m Anna, an East Coast transplant with an affinity for color coding and vinyl labels. 

UnClutterCO was born out of the desire to help people find tranquility in their everyday surroundings.  We help our clients create functional and maintainable organizing solutions so your daily life can feel less stressful and chaotic.  Life is hard enough, finding your keys shouldn’t have to be. 



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