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Matt and Miles

 Entrepreneurs Matt Cole and Miles Moran of Selfish Pricks Coffee met at a logistics company where they worked. Miles, native to Grand Rapids, Michigan, made his move to Denver after transferring within his firm to the Colorado office. Matt, a Colorado native, graduated from the University of Colorado and then went into the Peace Corp where he volunteered in Ethiopia. As the two worked together their friendship took off. Both had similar interests and the desire to eventually own their own business. While brainstorming one day both agreed that roasting coffee could be interesting. Matt’s experience in the Peace Corp, where he gained experience roasting coffee, was the inspiration. While in Ethiopia, Matt established a small microfinance center in the town where he volunteered by opening a cafe.

Roasting coffee seemed like a good option for a business venture so Matt and Miles created Selfish Pricks.

Selfish Pricks Coffee

A name that turns heads and brings smiles, Selfish Pricks uses small batch roasting. Their beans are from all over the world, including places such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. The clever name was created based on an experience they had one day at work. Within the same hour both Matt and Miles had been called a selfish prick by a truck driving client. Wanting their product to stand out among other brown bag coffee’s, they thought Selfish Pricks was fitting. Most people ARE selfish pricks before they have their morning coffee! The clever names didn’t stop there. As they developed the brand, they continued to create names that fit their theme.

Creativity Cont. 

Matt and Miles developed nine custom bags for their coffee beans, with colorful names:
MSH: Make Shit Happen
Morning Wood
Get Off My Lawn
Walk of Shame
Brunch Drunk
Mountain Viking
The Closer
Pricks Peak
Dukes Up


Another business decision was to make bags “generic” so they particular roasts are not assigned a graphic look.  All Selfish Pricks Coffee is totally customizable. You can pick any roast with any bag. 

What They’re Doing and Where They’re Going 

Selfish Pricks does a lot of its business through e-commerce. Their website (linked below) is a great place for people to customize their coffee roasts and bags. Matt and Miles also do business in local venues such as Fetch Market and Denver Union Station.

Moving forward, the two want to develop a plan that will help get their product in more retail spaces as well as eventually opening their own Selfish Pricks store front. In 2019 they succeeded at their goal of organic coffee. Their growth goals for 2020 will likely do just as well.


































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