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Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauces • DENVER, CO


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Meet Michelle Davidson of Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauces. Michelle is a Colorado native who, before diving into the world of hot sauce, worked in sales in the consumer goods industry. After spending years traveling and learning how to develop a brand and bring it to the market, she and her husband settled down to open a restaurant in 2004. Their hot sauces were so popular they began bottling them so fans could enjoy the special flavors at home. 

Cooper’s Small Batch

Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauces, named after their son Cooper, are an artisanal brand developed by Michelle Davidson and her husband, Jed, in the mid 2000s. While owning and running a breakfast restaurant on South Pearl in Denver, the Davidsons decided that they would develop their own hot sauce recipe. As a trained chef, Jed created the first four hot sauces that would later launch into the Cooper’s Hot Sauce brand we enjoy today.

The original restaurant hot sauces were bottled three years ago and sold in local farmer’s markets to make money to support the Davidson children’s college funds. From there, Cooper’s Small Batch began distribution in grocery markets and has been showing successful sales growth.

Theme and Variety

Part of the mission with Cooper’s Small Batch has been to develop hot sauces outside of the traditional realm. Jed takes inspiration from the Brazilian style cuisine and works to develop flavors that are well balanced, rather than just providing different levels of heat. Michelle explains that their use of herbs and fruits has helped them develop a diverse range of flavors, allowing their hot sauce to pair well with a variety of cuisines from Thai, to seafood and beyond.

Core Sales for Cooper’s 

Farmer’s markets are an important venue, giving the Davidson’s face-to-face interactions with their consumers. Cooper’s Hot Sauces does a majority of its sales volume in over 150 retail locations. Additional e-commerce and restaurant sales add to the distribution.

2020 and Beyond

The Davidsons still produce, manufacture, package and deliver all of their products. “While 2019 was a great year to expand into the retail space,” says Michelle, “in 2020 we  continue to focus on growth and fostering existing customer relationships, as well as developing new flavors to bring to the market.  Davidsons plan to continue their independent operation of the hot sauces.