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Meet Matt Richard of Halo and Cleaver sauces. Growing up in St. Louis Missouri, Matt was exposed to the diverse culinary culture as well as the well-known BBQ scene of that region. He has a background in food science from his many years working in product development for a company specializing in sauces, dressings and beverages. Matt studied nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri, where he also took courses in food science and safety. In addition to his professional experience, Matt also spent time on the competitive BBQ circuit with his parents.

Halo and Cleaver

Halo and Cleaver’s mission is to provide consumers with sauces that are low in sugar, free of artificial ingredients and ultimately healthier. The goal is to attack the status quo of the condiment aisle, which is largely stacked with sugary options. Out of their own desire to have healthier sauce products, Matt and his wife launched Halo and Cleaver in February of 2019.

Matt was originally developing and selling his sauces out of his own kitchen in St. Louis. The growth goal for 2019 was to focus heavily on grassroots, organic influencer marketing. As Halo and Cleaver products gained traction in this market space, Matt knew to have a bigger impact he would need to grow. With his background and expertise, Matt realized finding a co-packing space for expansion would prove somewhat difficult. When Matt and his wife found a facility in Boulder, Colorado willing to grow with them, they knew it was the right choice.

Competition & Growth 

While in St. Louis, Halo and Cleaver hit the local market hard, targeting their products toward health conscious, “fitness-based” consumers. Matt felt it was extremely important to create organic influencer relationships to gain trust and build strong relationships with others in their community. Matt explains that he relied heavily on his network to help get their product on the store shelves.


Unlike popular sauces that contain been 16-18g sugar per serving, Halo and Cleaver sauces contain 1g of sugar, with no added sugars or high fructose corn syrup. The goal of Halo and Cleaver is to continue releasing products that abide by their mission to make better-for-you products. 


The Line-Up 

Halo and Cleaver Sauces:
– Basic Ketchup: A best seller, although was originally created as a base for other sauces.
– Smokehouse Red BBQ: A traditional BBQ sauce
– Pure Gold: Best seller. Mustard-based sauce

Halo and Cleaver Spices:
– Them Apples
– Pink Cajun
– Espresso Cow
– Bee Sting  





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Looking Forward 

The current goal for Halo and Cleaver is to continue to increase retail opportunities and improve their product’s shelf placements. While Halo and Cleaver is currently sold in over 175 retail locations, Matt wants to see this number grow. Moving forward he also hopes to develop more products that center around their mission. “We’re never going to compromise and give customers products that are full of sugar just because a competitor has something that’s doing well.” Another future goal is expansion of the Halo and Cleaver brand into the Chicago market.




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