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Meet a dynamic and hard-working entrepreneur, Madison Dorenkamp, Miss Colorado 2019 and so much more! Growing up in southeastern Colorado, Madison and her family lived on a farm in a rural town. When their house was destroyed by the Holly Tornado in the mid-2000s, Madison and her family spent a lot of time moving in and out of hotels and trailer homes. From a young age she always beat to the tune of her own drum, playing sports, cheerleading and more. After completing two years at Lamar Community College, Madison was interested in pursuing a four year degree. With the help of an old professor, Madison attended school at Johnson and Wales.

Data Analyst to Roofing & Exteriors

Madison’s work ethic is impressive.  Since college she has worked two jobs and is extremely financially motivated. While attending college, Madison worked in a restaurant for a month until she realized that this wasn’t the job for her and became a data analyst. “I like to connect and I like to use my brain to do things,” she says. While she loved this job and worked in their marketing department for several months, to pay her student loans and sustain her life, she needed to expand.

Madison decided to go into real estate. She took  classes, met real estate agents, but she had a dream of starting her own business. Her inspiration came while working with a roofing company. She knew she could do the admin work for their company. “Anything they thought they needed… I learned how to do.” Over time this job became her business.

After twists and turns, Madison now runs a supplementing and consulting firm for a roofing and exteriors company. Madison business handles communications with insurance companies to ensure insurance estimates are complete. 

Pageant Life 

While Madison was in school, working several jobs and starting her own business, she was also competing for the title of Miss Colorado. Madison first competed in the Miss Colorado Pageant at age 18. In her first try she didn’t make the cut, but in she didn’t give up. She competed again at ages 21, 22, and 23, each time making the top 15. For her fourth attempt she trained harder than ever. She ate chicken and broccoli almost exclusively and worked out with a trainer. Despite all this effort she still only made the top 15. Madison explains that while making the top 15 the first time felt great, the next two times she was “pissed.”

It was in her fifth attempt, at age 25, that Madison was crowned Miss Colorado. “I applied and didn’t tell anyone… I made everything so true to me,” she says. This time around Madison said that throughout the entire competition she was extremely confident about her position in the lead, “I was in my own lane, in my own world.” Unlike sports where there are clear rules for what constitutes points and winning, pageantry is much different. It’s largely based on opinion and what the judges are looking for that year.

Responsibilities & Life as Miss Colorado

While the only requirement of winning the title of Miss Colorado is that she must compete in the Miss USA pageant, Madison chose to do a lot more work. For Madison, only competing in the Miss USA pageant would be a disservice to her state. “If you’re banking on winning Miss USA, this could be a very traumatic experience, if you didn’t have other goals. I had so many other goals and other things I wanted to do to use the platform and make whatever impact I possibly could on whoever. Even if you made one kid believe in themselves a little bit more, that’s great.”

Madison describes the entire experience as “wild.” After winning the title, the women are flown to Reno,  where they live for a few weeks before the Miss USA competition. The girls are responsible for paying for most of their own supplies. She notes that while many girls don’t have a hard time going “full glam,” it is not as natural for Madison. Throughout the entire Miss USA competition she was extremely true to herself and her roots.


 Life After Miss Colorado & Future Plans

I love my day job,” Madison says. Now that she is no longer Miss Colorado, she enjoys blogging and has taken more influencer and modeling deals. Being her own manager has given her new opportunities. Moving forward she wants to continue to grow her blog and her brand, as well as launch a podcast focusing on real discussions and interviews. There is no doubt that Madison will continue her hard work ethic in everything she pursues moving forward.  


































































































































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