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Dr. Lindsay Regehr, Elite Chiropractic and Wellness, is another Colorado Entrepreneur. Lindsay grew up on a farm in a small town in Wisconsin where her love for outdoor activities and sports developed. She enjoyed track, basketball and softball … which contributed to injuries and muscle pain. Fast forward to her college years, Lindsay began pursuing a degree in business then switched to physical therapy. As an office manager at a chiropractic office, Lindsay discovered the field she wanted to pursue.

Elite Chiropractic & Wellness

Lindsay launched Elite Chiropractic and Wellness in June of 2018. Her “two year plan” to become an associate doctor in a shared office space ended shortly after the other doctor chose to move. Although it was a fast transition, Lindsay decided to stay in the space and opened Elite Chiropractic and Wellness. Her office specializes in chiropractic adjustments and also provides services such as cupping and dry needling.

The typical clients who receive treatment at Elite Chiropractic and Wellness are middle aged to early 60’s men and women. These individuals are generally high power, executive-type people who work hard and play equally hard.

Her Technique 

Unlike chiropractors who use x-ray scans in their preliminary appointments, Lindsay uses a newer technology called insight scanning. Insight scanning involves performing two scans up the spine to check for muscle tension, places where the nerves aren’t communicating and a heart rate test to determine energy levels and ability. Lindsay explains that this type of scan is far more informational than traditional methods. Insight scans are performed every 12 visits.

The approach she takes is more well-rounded than a mere adjustment. Lindsay works to understand the big picture of her client’s pain and overall lifestyle that has contributed to their situation. In feedback she often hears clients say they’re sleeping better and have a greater awareness of their body.

The Necessity of Chiropractics 

The uncertainty of getting a chiropractic adjustment is still very common. Lindsay works hard to educate people about the benefits of adjustments as well as helping people understand that chiropractics is more preventative than reactive. “I’ve been called ‘not your average chiropractor’,” she says. I create a calm and serene environment, dive into my client’s mindset, and work to understand how stress affects their body.

Western medicine can fix some of our problems, but chiropractors can help  individuals looking for relief beyond medicine. “Instead of putting a bandaid on it, we will fix the pain!” she says.


Starting Treatment 

Lindsay begins the patient journey with a two day consultation. Day one focuses on providing an understanding of aches, pains and general life history. She also performs scans at this time. The second appointment focuses on talking through results and reviewing a personalized action plan. Elite Chiropractic and Wellness is all cash-based although she makes it affordable and offers discounts for people who belong to Orange Theory, Stretch Lab and Core Power as a reward to clients who are actively taking care of their bodies.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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