PODCAST EP. 39 – Katie Bradshaw – KB Boudoir Photography

Today we chat with Denver-based photographer Katie Bradshaw.  With 10 years of experience in wedding, portrait, and event photography, Katie recently decided to transition full-time to boudoir photography and built her dream studio to provide an environment for women to celebrate confidence, self-love and sexuality.  She discusses her journey and reasoning behind the shift to this growing industry space, how her services compare to others, and where she hopes to go in the coming years.  Tune in for a great interview and be sure to check out all of Katie’s work at @KBDigitalDesignsBoudoir

Get the chance to meet Katie Bradshaw, a former wedding photographer who now owns a boudoir photography company right in her own house! Growing up in Colorado, Katie had a fascination for photography in high school and started her own photography business at 18 after doing wedding photoshoots in Houston, Texas. With traveling all over to photoshoot weddings for over 10 years, Katie had a passion behind the camera but found her talent was doing photoshoots of women in lingerie. During COVID, Katie was able to put all her time and effort into perfecting her boudoir photography business KB Digital Design by setting up her own house as a studio. Built by word of mouth, Katie’s boudoir photography business has blown through the roof as you’re not only getting sexy photos taken of you, but included in the KB Digital Design experience you’ll be able to build a connection with Katie, drink some champagne, have the perfect lingerie picked out for you, listen to some music and get pampered up by Katie’s professional makeup crew! As Katie’s goal is to make women feel confident about themselves and boost body positivity, the whole experience of getting boudoir photos taken is an experience you won’t want to miss! Be able to hear more about the boudoir experience with Katie, some tips on going into a boudoir photoshoot and what to expect, and some fun wedding stories with Andy and Katie that’ll have you laughing your pants off! 

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* Images from KBDigitalDesigns.com

Based in Denver, CO


I’m Katie and I’m truly so glad you’re here. You’re probably deciding if a boudoir shoot is right for you and pretty nervous with the thought of it. If you’re ready for a shift, ready to love yourself again, regain control of how you see yourself…you’re in the right place. As women, we put everyone’s needs before our own and give so much of ourselves. Not to mention we’re wayyy too hard on ourselves. I’m here to help you see yourself differently. I’ll be the one to change the way you see yourself and give you your confidence back. I promise my sessions are fun, rewarding and just a damn good time.