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 Joy Harrington, podcaster and professional Instagram coach, helps other entrepreneurs grow their business online. Joy and her family settled in Colorado, in 2015, after spending a few years living in Idaho and Oregon. During that time, she  reflected on what she wanted to do moving forward. This period of growth led Joy to the networking marketing where she learned from the ground up how to build a business. After four years of establishing her networking marketing expertise, Joy made the jump to start a podcast and her online business.

Joy’s Business

What is professional Instagram coaching? Joy coaches entrepreneurs who are trying to attract business through Instagram. Instagram is a great platform to connect with people organically and grow a fan base before they even meet you. It also give value to businesses and instills trust what they offer.

Advice from Joy

Joy gives helpful advice to entrepreneurs trying to build a flourishing clientele. First, a business Instagram is far different than a personal account and requires a huge mindset switch. One of the most important components  is knowing your audience. “The better you are at knowing who you’re talking to and who you want to work with, the better quality followers you get,” she explains. While having a big following might make an account appear successful, if your followers are not connected and engaging with your content the number is meaningless.

Another piece of advice Joy provides is the importance of renting vs. owning followers. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are all owned by entities outside of our control.  These platforms could be shut down and our audience goes away. Therefore, followers on these are merely rented. To own your audience, your Instagram should have action items that lead people to join an email list or other means of capturing their information. This gives you control over what your audience receives.

How to Set Yourself Apart

Joy explains that the #1 way people fail to grow their business on Instagram is failure to set yourself apart. Businesses get lost in the sea of competition when they fail to give their audience a reason to choose them. “Your bio and your content isn’t about you, it’s about who you’re here to serve,” she says. Your bio is an extremely important place to give people a reason to follow you. She recommends researching your audience, find the problems they’re experiencing “in their own language,” and quote it back using the same language to demonstrate how you can help.

Posting Frequency, Content and More 

Joy says it’s ideal to post once a day and create 10 stories a day, she says the most important thing is consistency. The Instagram algorithm rewards people who use the app frequently.

Don’t give the algorithm whiplash.” Joy says that content such as IG stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you. It gives people a reason to trust you, and when they trust you they want to buy from you. She recommends making it interactive by posting polls, questions, etc. Engaging with your audience builds strong relationships.

Another question Joy addresses third party apps. While there has been a lot of back and forth on if these apps help your account, Joy says that as long as the apps don’t use bots, you are in the clear to continue using them. It’s also important to avoid using too many hashtags or hashtags that are shadow banned. Though Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post, Joy says that it is best to keep it under 20.

Connect with Joy

No matter the size of your Instagram account, Joy helps entrepreneurs of all sizes and types of businesses. Some of her clients are just launching their business, while others have tens of thousands of followers and need help looking for ways to build strong relationships and continue to grow.




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