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Jordan Burnham

Suntown Sparkling CBD • DENVER, CO









Meet Jordan Burnham, founder of Suntown Sparkling CBD. In this episode of the Coloradopreneur podcast, guest Jordan Burnham describes his beverage company as a “happy accident.” Learn more about the entrepreneur behind the business and how, by happy accident, this popular sparkling water product evolved.


Where It


All Began


Jordan’s story began in Littleton, Colorado where his entrepreneurial spirit emerged at a young age. In middle school, Jordan masterminded a skateboard company and created a competition for his fellow enthusiasts. Realizing he could profit from his endeavors, his interest in business developed. Studying at Colorado State University, Jordan honed his skills and dreamed of starting his own company. In the podcast he describes how he launched his career in accounting to fund his venture into sparkling water production.


Sparkling Water Launch  Presents Challenges

When Jordan decided to substitute some of his beer consumption with a  non-alcoholic alternative, he realized there were others interested in a similar change. His original idea was to create a sparkling water for distribution in bars and restaurants, as a carbonated, alcohol-free option that people felt good about consuming. His dilemma?  The product was not distinct enough to stand apart from competitors, thus he began devising a plan to reposition the product.  In the fall of 2018, the “Happy Accident” occurred leading to Suntown Sparkling CBD.

 The Happy Accident

Some of the best ideas form with “happy accidents” or meeting the right people at the right time.  Jordan was selling his sparkling water at a farmers market in the fall of 2018, when a customer introduced himself as a chemist interested in the idea of adding CBD to sparkling water.  Jordan knew little about CBD at the time, but learned the man was one of few people able to make CBD water soluble. This conversation presented Jordan with the opportunity he needed. He immediately began researching CBD and, like most, Jordan describes his experience with CBD as positive and calming, although there was a strong and unpleasant taste. Through experimentation Jordan discovered that brewing lemon sparkling water with hops successfully masked the bitter taste of CBD. Suntown’s first flavor, Citra Hops, was born out of this fortunate meeting and  experimentation. The use of hops is a staple of Suntown’s identity and exemplifies  Jordan’s interest in the art of brewing.


The CBD Sphere 

In 2020, the acceptance of CBD has increased significantly. While the availability of CBD products has become far more accessible than ever before, it continues to be mired in a legal gray area. AlthoughCBD is legal in all 50 states, restrictions remain regarding CBD in products, particularly in foods. Jordan explains that CBD topical compounds are more likely to be sold in stores than food-based CBD products.


If you live in Colorado and have frequented coffeeshops or liquor stores carrying this product, you may have seen “Suntown” was originally “Sundown.” In an abbreviated version of the story, Jordan explains that the name Sundown was meant to reflect a beverage to be consumed around the time one might drink a beer. While the trademark for Sundown was first believed to be available for the beverage class, it was challenged by a company marketing Sundown trademarked vitamins and supplements.  Jordan decided to make the minor change to Suntown, which is also a reflection of the 300 days of sunshine enjoyed in Colorado.


What’s Next? 

By popular demand, Jordan’s next flavor, Coconut Lime will  launch this Spring.  Suntown Sparkling CBD can be found in 4-packs at:

  • Mollys
  • Argonaut
  • Total Wine and Beverage in Thornton
  • DaveCo
  • Davidson’s Liquor
  • Tipsy’s in Littleton
  • And smaller places like coffee shops in Rino including:
    Portside, Modern Nomad, and Hotbox Roasters.





Jordan Burnham