PODCAST EP. 48 – Henry Springer • Basis Clean hydration

In this week’s episode, Andy sits down with Henry Springer, Co-Founder of Basis Clean Hydration.  Basis is a “clean hydration mix, with a balanced electrolyte boost & natural fruit flavors designed to hydrate you fast—anytime, anywhere. The best way to start your day!

Tune in for the Basis story and how they’re changing the game in hydration with natural ingredients, low sugar, high-electrolyte beverages that bring a delicious taste to keeping hydrated in a time when it’s more important than ever.

Do you find yourself constantly moving around from point A to point B throughout your day and need a pick me up beverage that’s not just water or gatorade?

This was a struggle that co-founder Henry Springer encountered in his day to day life, and the notion of a clean energy drink began in 2016 with the help of his buddy Kyle Nowak. With the idea of a lifestyle energy drink, formulating flavors and electrolytes, and branding, Basis made its first launch in 2019 at Whole Foods. From beginning with 32 locations in the Rocky Mountain Region to expanding to 300 retail stores inside and outside of Colorado, Henry and Kyle continue to expand the Basis clean hydration beverages and recently introduced their clean hydration powders in 2020. Even though COVID delayed manufacturing and packaging of beverages, that didn’t stop Henry and Nick from delivering a functional product with clean ingredients. 

As many energy drinks are full of artificial flavors and sweeteners with a bunch of electrolytes, Basis is made of 1,000 milligrams of electrolytes with organic sweetness from monk fruit and natural fruit flavors that include: CranRaspberry, BlackberryLemon, and GrapefruitMelon. The company’s mission is to keep people hydrated with clean ingredients and be earth friendly. You can purchase Basis hydration powder now on their website Drinkbasis.com or through Amazon and follow their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Drinkbasis . 

Don’t miss the launch of new flavors coming soon!

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* Images from DrinkBasis.com


A hydration mix made with clean ingredients and 1000mg of electrolytes to help you bounce back from exercise, a night out, or just a long day.

Based in Denver, CO


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