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EPISODE 41 – Andy sits down with Emily Henry of Empower Training for a second time to catch up on all things plant-based lifestyle and fitness.  Andy and Emily talk about how her business and the industry itself has had to shift since the start of the pandemic and how she’s been able to maintain Empower Training despite the challenges. They talk about working out, meat substitutes, and more! Tune in to learn more!


In today’s episode, Andy brings back former guest Emily Henry, aka host of EMPOWERED BY PLANTS. For those who missed the chance to meet Emily, here’s a little background story on how Emily got into the plant based lifestyle: 

  • Born in Orange County, California, Emily moved to Colorado in her teens and pursued a career in education after attending UC Denver, but soon discovered her passion for working out and living the gym lifestyle to where she started training people in 2017. 
  • As Emily’s motto is to Live Life Balanced, her work in empowered training focuses on women to grow a mindset routine where they concentrate on affirmations and gratitude, as the goal is to make women feel confident and empowered. Not only does Emily’s training involve incorporating a plant based lifestyle, but women who aren’t vegan and are looking to build some muscle or have a more toned butt even, are more than welcome to join the EmPower Fitness family. One of the key components of muscle building Emily stresses is to eat more calories than you are burning, so ladies DO NOT STARVE YOURSELVES TO BE SKINNY! 

Now that you know a little bit more about Emily and her love for the gym and being vegan, COVID didn’t stand a chance on stopping Emily from continuing her EmPower Fitness business. During quarantine, as many gyms closed in person training, Emily created a 90 day (12 week) program called Powered by Plants for plant based, vegetarian, meat-eating, literally for any woman who’s interested in converting to plant based lifestyle or just wanting to boost their confidence through a personalized fitness plan created by Emily. In the program, you’ll learn all you need to know on going into a vegan based diet, alternative proteins, and how to maximize your fitness and health. Along with the program, Emily has posted personalized fitness videos ranging from working out your core, to legs, arms, anything you name it. One thing Emily points out in going into a plant based lifestyle is being disciplined and meal prepping ahead of time. With living our busy lives, going from point a to point b and not getting home till 6-7ish, Emily encourages those to continue their journey of living a plant based life and even suggest utilizing Happy Cow. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s essentially a mix between Yelp, any Maps app, and any food app where you just put your location and the app not only finds restaurants that serve vegan/vegetarian options but creates a specific order catered to you! Plus, you’re able to read reviews from customers and make your own! 

Don’t miss the chance to hear Emily and Andy’s take on some food labeling (hint: wine expert Andy makes an appearance), the marketing business, and some geeking out over Meta cheeseburgers! (Side note: Yes, vegans can enjoy a plant based burger that tastes like beef.) Also make sure to check out Emily’s podcast EMPOWERED BY PLANTS!

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mily Troxler is an emerging leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. Emily is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist as well as a self love advocate. 

           Emily’s approach is simple, you must train your mind alongside your body. What good is a healthy body if your mind is out of whack? She focuses on strength training to get you the body you’ve always wanted and mindfulness in order to achieve confidence like you’ve never felt before.



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