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Unlike other personal trainers, Emily Henry’s business, Empower Training, focuses on mindset in addition to physical training. Emily was born in Orange County, California and moved to Colorado at age 16. While stressful at the time, she attributes the move to getting her to where she is today. In her senior year of college at UC Denver, she came to the conclusion that her lifelong dream of being a 3rd grade teacher was no longer her passion. Confused by what steps to take next, Emily spent the next months and years working in restaurants and nannying. Ultimately she decided to use her passion for fitness to start her new career. Emily’s interest in fitness and health started during her freshman year in college. After gaining the “freshman 15” and not feeling like the athletic person she’d been most of her life, she embarked on a plan to get in shape and improve her health.

Empower Training

After getting her NASM Certification in 2017, Emily began training clients and launched Empower Fitness. The name, she explains, is not random. The mission for Empower Fitness is to help women to achieve their health goals both physically and mentally . “My goal is to empower women so they feel strong, sexy and confident in everything they do. I believe that starts with the mind and connects to the body.” While her mindset routine varies from client to client, Emily explains that on a basic level clients focus on starting each day with gratitude and affirmations. She believes setting each day with intention can bring more amazing things into your life.

When it comes to strength and physical training, Emily has very specific ways she works with her clients to ensure they reach their physical goals, plus improve their overall endurance and ability. Clients are trained like athletes. While most women are interested in the appearance of a small waist and large glutes, Emily makes sure her clients achieve overall physical improvement. Doing so will allow them to take their athletic ability outside the gym and be able to incorporate physical activity in a multitude of ways.

How to Sustain

Emily mentions that, including herself, many women want to achieve the look of larger glutes. In order to sustain this kind of muscle mass she gives advises her clients that to grow muscle, you must be in a caloric surplus. It takes calories to grow muscle. She stresses that basic exercises work for a reason! Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts and Bulgarian split squats are a great way to strengthen glutes.

Plant-Based Training

Plant-based nutrition is a large part of Emily’s program. She began plant-based eating four years ago and became fully vegan just over three years ago. Her originally made the transition for her health and love for animals. Over time she attributed her plant-based nutrition as an important component of her physical success. “It’s definitely an adjustment,” she explains. Emily discovered that going vegan gave her performance enhancements in lifting, higher overall endurance, greater energy and better sleep.

To those who question the ability to eat a plant-based diet and maintain performance goals in the gym, Emily provides some great insight. “Animal protein is a secondary protein.” Cows, for example, get their protein from plants. Humans can also get their protein from plants, it just takes education and listening to your body to make the adjustment. For Emily, a huge part of creating Empower Fitness to share her research so others can make healthy transitions.




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