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Local event producer and body positivity advocate, Christina Marie, shares her passion for becoming “body positive” and loving oneself. Through her own long journey of finding self acceptance and self love, Christina became an advocate and resource for others. 

Christina’s Story

Cape Cod may sound like a luxurious environment to grow up in, however Christina’s formative years in  Massachusetts were filled with obstacles. She spent countless time struggling with body image issues, an eating disorder and other dysmorphic thoughts, spending years in and out of treatment centers. After high school, Christina attended Cape Cod Community College where she received her associate degree in psychology with an emphasis on crisis intervention. Her education made her aware that she had a passion  to help others who were struggling as she had. 

Writing became a positive outlet for Christina and an opportunity to share her story. Having been in treatment centers herself, she was able to share accounts of her personal recovery journey. Christina volunteered at the centers, believing that “people need you to stand up and say something.  I’ve had people in my own life to encourage me to do that because it’s almost like you have to be brave and then other people feel like it’s safe to be brave too.”

Coming to Colorado

Christina moved to Colorado after graduating from college in 2015. She viewed the move as an opportunity to become a new person and leave behind her identification with an  eating disorder. “Moving was a gift to start over and love the authentic version of myself.” In Colorado, Christina began working in real estate, with occasional modeling jobs on the side. Her real estate job included hosting many events where she was comfortable talking to a room full of people about real estate. Her confidence grew and she realized she was prepared to switch to education events on mental health topics.  Body Mantra was born.

Body Mantra Events

The Body Mantra Events are centered around 4 different, but equally important, themes: fitness, food, feelings and fashion. Each section of the event is designed to cover a topic that relates to mental health and body positivity. Christina works with speakers who are influencers and industry professionals on each topic to provide meaningful education for participants. These events are meant to be inspiring, educational and thoughtful. Christina’s big picture dream is to travel internationally teaching self love and providing her audiences the tools they need to grow and  find themselves.



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