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Bridget Molloy, a holistic sexual wellness expert and global herbalist, is a true Colorado native. Born in Denver, she grew up in Littleton and earned her  degree at the University of Colorado studying molecular biology as well as ecology and evolution. In addition to these fields, she also had a deep interest in marine biology, which she intended to pursue in graduate school. A week before leaving for graduate school, Bridget took a garden and art class where she discovered herbalism. After this discovery she made the last minute decision to go to Italy instead where she studied botanical medicine at Bastyr University, allowing her to blend ideas of biochemistry with her love of plants and herbs.


Bridget’s hard work didn’t stop there. On top of studying botanical medicine in Italy, she studied with a Mayan healer in Belize, Mexico, the Amazing Rainforest and Ireland. “I consider myself a global herbalist,” she says. While herbalism is a growing field, there are not many regulations existing in terms of licensing and certification. Bridget’s vast experience with plants and herbs on a global scale has made her extremely knowledgeable. If her experience working across the globe wasn’t enough, Bridget continued her education in America.

Bridget spent some time working in a stem cell lab and studying at Harvard. When an opportunity arose to continue her education at Georgetown, she began an integrative master program in physiology. While at Georgetown she also took pharmacology courses which sparked a new desire to teach. Bridget left Georgetown for MIT where she worked in lab procurement. And finally, she landed at Boston University where she finished her masters.

Pure Romance

Bridget combined her knowledge and experience to focus on sexual wellness. Bridget was introduced to Pure Romance parties in college. These “parties” are gatherings of women focusing on education surrounding sexual enjoyment. During these gatherings there is a presentation, products are passed around and women are taught about new ways to gain confidence and pleasure in the bedroom. Bridget loved the experience so much she began her own Pure Romance parties and has since helped over 2,000 women.   “I know that I’m impacting relationships and that I’m impacting women’s lives anytime I do a party, so it stuck with me for a long time.”

Transition to Sexual Wellness

Over the last 13 years, Bridget has been involved in the sexual wellness industry. There have been changes to products such as lubricants and lotions, but she noticed that most products were filled with chemicals. Seeing this trend in “bad-for-you” ingredients, Bridget began product profile trainings and shared her knowledge with other sexual experts. It wasn’t until five years ago that more natural ingredients in sex products began to appear. With her extensive background in science and herbalism, it occurred to Bridget that sex products could have safe ingredients that successfully boost sexual performance. 

Bridget began creating her own line of topical sex products with all natural ingredients. She knew that the herbs she was using would be able to enhance people’s experience. After she developed several successful topical products, she dove deeper into ingestible products. She explains that ingesting products helps address the root cause of issues that may be leading to sexual dysfunction.

Bridget’s Botanicals

Bridget business, Bridget’s Botanicals, now markets 48 products. She has product lines for women’s health, sexual vitality, wellbeing and travel. Within these lines her products include bitters, teas, tinctures, lubricants, aromatherapy mists, pounce powder, salves, extracts and more. The majority of her sales occur through her website (linked below), in addition to vendor events, private parties and she plans to grow into wholesale in 2020. While she has only been selling her products for the past year, she has been learning and teaching for many years.




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