PODCAST EP. 22 – Bridget Molloy • Bridget’s Botanicals

Today’s guest is Bridget Molloy of Bridgets Botanicals!  An academic and holistically-trained herbalist, Bridget has natural health in mind for every product she creates and every client she helps.  She has graduate degrees and studies in pharmacology at Harvard and Georgetown.  After that she traveled the world and learned from natural healers on multiple continents with different beliefs, remedies, and historical challenges.  The culmination of all her training and experience is a line of products that range from everyday health, women’s health, digestive, sexual and immunity health.  Listen to her interview and check out her amazing products! 

Based in Denver, CO


Founded in 2014, Bridget’s Botanicals has formulated and manufactured over 40 products and developed 30 community classes, 2 courses, and an online course portal. Each health product is formulated based on current scientific research combined with traditional global healing practices and manufactured in small batches here in Colorado, from sustainably sourced organic botanicals. 

Bridget has studied molecular biology, pharmacology, and herbalism around the world, thus developing a strong drive to connect people to our planet and the medicinal properties of plants. As a life-long scientist and science educator, one of Bridget’s many passions is teaching about the benefits of herbs for our health. Inspiring and empowering others to be knowledgeable about the interconnectedness of health and the environment, is a pillar of Bridget’s Botanicals.