PODCAST EP. 46 – Becca Schepps • Mortal Kombucha

Today Andy is joined by the Founder and CEO of Mortal Kombucha in Boulder, CO.  Becca shares her story, how she started Mortal, and the exciting growth her company has experienced in the past few years.  She shares insights from Covid-era pivots and kombucha industry nuances.

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With a background in advertising and working for ad agencies, Becca came up with the idea of Mortal Kombucha as a fun, pun-intended product in 2017 that would stand out from other kombucha beverages with it’s creative, funky label and packaging. Mortal Kombucha is currently sold at Whole Foods or any natural grocers in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado, as well as California.

Mortal Kombucha may sound like an intimidating beverage, but don’t let the name and packaging fool you as Becca’s mission for kombucha is to give you a beachy, Santa Fe skateboarding vibe unlike the other kombucha, energy drink competitors. 

The life story of Becca:

  • Born in New Jersey to a a dress artist mother  and engineer father, her creative mindset was easy to come by. 
  • Attending college at University of Wisconsin Madison, Becca majored in Political Science, Art History, and Italian. She wanted to be a curator but ended up moving in the direction of public relations for an architecture firm. 
  • Starting off her work in Denver, Becca originally had an athleisure line but then changed direction into the kombucha industry.

Starting off with the idea, Becca grew on her business from originally wanting to create the beverage with flavored gingerade, but instead developed a passion for learning the fermentation of kombucha and the magic behind the ingredients. From working in a small commercial sized kitchen twice a week and managing a full time advertising job, the kombucha business found a co-packer that specialized in kombucha making which allows the product to be organic, gluten free, and non-gmo based. 

But wait, what exactly is kombucha and how does it work? Well according to fermentation science, to make kombucha you have to have SCOBY, a symbolic culture of bacteria and yeast, included in the fermentation process. Becca describes her creation of Mortal Kombucha as starting off with a batch of sweet tea and some leftover kombucha from a previous batch and mixing the two together and let sit for 2-3 weeks, then BOOM a SCOBY formed on top. Regarding the flavoring, Becca’s initial idea was to produce a colorful, juicy, popular kombucha. The flavors they’ve created include: Black Sage (a blackberry sage with ginger with a bright red tint), Black Magic (a maple syrup lemonade with a hint of cayenne and black tint), Marg Simpson (a margarita base with limes and blue tint), Power Melon (watermelon with a hint of mint and pink tint), Chill Flower (mix of flavors of rose, mint, and florals with a purple tint), Dem Apples (spiced apple cider with apple juice color), and Sour Ginger (ginger based with dash of lemon and yellow tint). Maybe you want a kick to your kombucha, check out Mortal Kombucha’s alcoholic line with 3 flavors including: Guava Aloha Punch (guava, pineapple), Lavender Afternoon (lavender, lemonade), and Cool Cumber (cucumber, seasalt, lime). All kombucha beverages contain no artificial flavors or coloring, 

Hear more about how Becca’s Mortal Kombucha business did during 2020 COVID, how handling a whole kombucha keg is like, and future plans in 2021, such as Mortal Kombucha reaching more farmers markets and expanding to stores near you! 

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* Images from MortalKombucha.com

Based in Boulder, CO


Mortal Kombucha is energizing kombucha brewed from black tea, liquified snowflakes, and supercharged with all-natural ingredients. It blends all the foofoo you love about ordinary kombucha with the stuff that’s awesome: bubbles, fruit, and a power packed punch of b-vitamins, antioxidant destroying free radicals and symbiotic nutrients. It’s natural, organic, non-gmo and terrific. It high-fives your taste buds and will have your gut swooning for more. Grab a bottle, finish it and #BeGutsy. It’s everything you need to Fight Death.


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