PODCAST EP. 47 – Andi Whiskey • Twist & Tailor

Today Andy sits down with serial entrepreneur and beverage industry expert Andi Whiskey to hear all about her marketing agency, Twist & Tailor, along with photography and other business endeavors.  She discusses the effects of 2020 on her clients and how her team adapted to the shifting landscape in order to build relationships and thrive long-term.

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From Seattle to Nashville to Colorado, Andi Whiskey has just about done it all for the marketing business as she currently runs Twist & Taylor, a marketing agency that focuses on content development and advertising of products.

Andi has been in the marketing business ever since she was 16 with a passion for photography, graphic design, and web development, and she’s worked with multiple food and beverage companies including launching her own luxury barbershop where they serve whiskey with every service. While working in the e-commerce field with her studio manager and creative director, they were able to tackle 2020  by creating social media content for local distilleries, cleaning products, and food products. One of the group’s biggest successes throughout the 2020 pandemic was a charitable project where Denver restaurants and bars got together to create a cocktail recipe book called “Happy Hour Handbook” and all proceeds went back to the businesses that contributed. 

As Andi and her team continue to do business with local distilleries and work in their bar studio shooting, filming, and podcasting alcoholic beverages, their hopes for the future are to branch out to more beverage and food companies to expand Twist & Tailor marketing agency. To get in contact or to see the work Andy has done, you can visit her Instagram @Andi.Whiskey . 

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* Images from TwistandTailor.com

Based in Denver, CO


Twist & Tailor started in October 2020. It was meant to be the minute Nemo and Andi first started working together.

Andi has over a decade of business experience, running a marketing agency, an ecommerce business, a manufacturing business, a luxury barbershop, a photography agency, and more.

Nemo has nearly a decade of experience in food and beverage and high end bars, and went to school for graphic design, making him a heavy hitter behind the bar and at the computer.

When they met and started working together for photo shoots for distilleries, the next step of turning their endeavors into a full blown marketing agency to help the food and beverage industry grow was just… natural.


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