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Our guest Amy Reczek is a sales and development consultant and coach. In addition to running a series of networking events called Unite, Amy’s main focus is her business Sales and Presence, Inc. Amy grew up in Montana, leaving at 17 to attend college in Minnesota where she graduated with a psychology degree. She came to Colorado after graduating, and wasn’t entirely sure how she would apply her degree. While working many jobs to make ends meet, Amy came across a job for an inside sales position. In less than a year she was promoted to an outside sales role that gave her the opportunity to travel.  A shift occurred when Amy’s career coach brought up the idea of consulting. 

Amy’s Business

Amy used her 17 years of experience in sales to develop her business, Sales and Presence. In broad terms, Sales and Presence is focused on relationship selling and communication. More specifically Amy focuses on consulting 101, business consulting, training and keynote speeches. She also has developed a professional networking group called Unite,  created when she was unable to find networking events that catered to the culture and persona she was looking for.

Core Services

Amy offers a handful of trainings offered quarterly. Her first quarter focuses on Networking for ROI. “We know our elevator pitch, we know our product, we know how to sit across the table from someone, we know how to go to coffee with someone, but when we walk into a networking event all of that goes away somehow, and it’s because we never have training on it.” This training helps people become memorable in a sea of other people. The second quarter focuses on negotiation.


Another one of Amy’s business endeavors is Unite, the professional networking group she runs with her husband. Unite became their joint effort when they decided to work together to create an enhanced networking experience. To elevate Unite they donate 10% of profits to the community and they’ve created a membership program that gives individuals opportunities to connect. Unite events take place the second Wednesday of every month, taking place either at Sip, Eat & Drink and Millers & Rossi. All events can be found under “Unite” on Facebook and EventBrite.

So You’re in Sales

If she weren’t already making a tremendous impact with Sales and Presence and Unite, Amy has recently released a book called “So You’re in Sales.” (Available on Amazon). The book challenges people who are relatively new to sales. It walks individuals through challenges to help them better navigate scenarios they are likely to face.




Amy Reczek