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Meet Abby Rosenblum,  Coloradopreneur guest and the founder of The Social: Modern  Matchmaking. Abby’s passion is making connections between singles with modern matchmaking techniques, reducing the negative implications associated with online dating. In the podcast, Abby introduces this new dating concept, with the highlights of her process, insightful dating tips and more. Before diving into the world of dating in 2020, get some tips from the pro!

Abby’s Start 

In true Coloradopreneur spirit, Abby is a Denver native who returned here to start her business. After high school Abby pursued her education in broadcast journalism and linguistics at Syracuse in upstate New York. After graduation, Abby briefly moved to Los Vegas where she began producing for local news television. Two years later she found herself back in Denver where she began working on a national talkshow.

From Journalism to Matchmaking

From journalism to matchmaking – the transition seems perfectly natural when Abby tells the story. “That’s what journalism is all about. Hearing people’s stories and finding a compelling way to re-tell them.” Matchmaking is the art of telling someone’s story and figuring out how their story and values line up with a potential match. Out of frustration with dating apps for herself and friends, she thought there had to be a better way for people to meet.  Abby decided to test her matchmaking skills by setting her friends up on dates. From there, The Social: Modern Matchmaking began to grow.

The Social Modern Matchmaking

The Social: Modern Matchmaking, established in 2018, is designed to make dating more personal. Abby describes how online dating has really taken the personal aspect of dating out of the picture, at least initially. She wants clients to know there are ways to meet people in real life situations, eliminating the catfishing, ghosting and the other negative consequences of online dating. Over the past few years many singles have gravitated toward online dating because it seems easier, gives them access to more people and doesn’t require leaving their house. The downside? Online dating is an extremely superficial way of judging someone. The Social’s approach is far more personal. Abby focuses on what her clients are looking for, the client’s personality, values and more. Dates are blind, allowing clients to begin with an open mind, knowing they are being set up with someone whose profile exhibited compatible traits.

The Process

The process begins with a thorough interview covering background information, interests and what clients are looking for in a date. Part of Abby’s mission is taking the hard parts of dating away. To do so, she tells her clients all they have to do is show up. She picks the place, the time and sends them their date’s name and phone number a few hours before.

Pre-Date Info 

Abby tells her clients to go into the first date with an intention. That intention could be anything from laughing, to having fun, to meeting someone new. She tells them not to set intentions such as “to have sparks fly” or “have fireworks” because in all honesty, that rarely happens. Having blind dates makes the process easy and fun again. There are 3 rules that Abby sets for her clients when they sign up for this process.: be honest, be open, and no ghosting.

First Date: Location, Rules & Expectations

“Never do anything beyond drinks or coffee,” Abby explains.  She recommends people keep first dates to one hour and then check in. After an hour, the client should ask themselves: “do I want to stay for another hour or is staying longer a waste of my time?” It’s a good way to see if there’s a connection. When it comes to first dates, there are clear societal norms and expectations regarding the bill. Abby asks her clients in their interviews if they have preferences. Depending on the individuals, there should be some equity when it comes to paying for things on a date. 


Client Benefits 

Abby offers clients the choice of signing up for six months or an annual membership. This includes dates, invitations to the singles events she hosts, including speed dating, salsa dancing, park workouts and more. Abby’s speed dating events occur the first Wednesday of every month. The number of dates for each client varies based on the number of people she finds who are the right match. Depending on the client, some may have two dates per week while others may have one per month.


Looking Forward 

The best way to get started with The Social is to sign up for a free one-hour consultation with Abby at You can also find Abby on Instagram at @thesocialmm. Signing up is a great way to see if you’re ready for modern matchmaking and enjoy working with Abby!