7 Innovative Colorado Apparel Brands


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Soulvation Society is founded on crafting quality, “Butter Soft” hair accessories and apparel perfect for both in the gym, and out on the town. The women-owned and operated company makes products designed to keep you looking your best throughout your day without the stress of maintenance.

In 2016, what started as a hobby for Colorado native Leah Kay to create a versatile headband, soon became an ecommerce powerhouse. Headquartered in Denver, Soulvation Society creates their signature fabric from a comfort-blend of high-quality bamboo and spandex.


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Balance Athletica is a body empowering luxury apparel brand creating unique products designed for every-body. In a fashion scene where image is everything, Balance Athletica embraces the beauty of all shapes and sizes. Balance Athletica has changed the status quo regarding luxury apparel. From the shape defining Cloud Pant, to the outfit boosting Flight Jacket, every piece is designed to empower.

Balance Athletica is a Denver based, family owned and operated company dedicated to helping their community feel comfortable in their own skin. Through fostering a culture of inclusivity, Balance Athletica has undefined the fashion expectation and opened the door for confident self-expression. 



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Topo Designs or gear is rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but ready for city exploration and beyond! By embracing proven classics, and applying innovative technology, Topo Designs offers a timeless look with modern functionality.

With an entire line of upscale rugged products, Topo Designs keeps things clean and simple. Whether in town or at the trailhead, Topo Designs is ready for wherever your adventure takes you.

Topo Designs was founded by Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen in 2008. What started as one sewing machine in a Fort Collins basement, became a company that combined the efforts of local Colorado entrepreneurs to launch the first line of Topo Designs products.



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Instead of conforming to the shape of the culture, Lems footwear is formed to the foot’s anatomy. Above all else, Lems keeps your sole as the focus, keeping your feet happy and healthy every step of the way. Every Lems shoe design is specifically tailored to the natural shape of the foot, creating a step that has whole-body benefits. Traditional shoes feature a tapered toe box, and a high-rise heel, leading to foot deformity and potentially irreversible damage. The Lems shoe model, however, focuses on the ideal foot strike, creating an ergonomic step throughout your journey.

In 2008, Andrew Rademacher set out to find a shoe that fit the natural shape of the foot. After hours of dissecting big brand shoes and throwing out unnecessary material, Andrew decided it was time to challenge the status quo. After studying the art and science of shoe making, he found that the big brand “Athletic” shoe companies had been building from the outside in. Andrew knew it was time for a shoe that kept the sole at the heart of the mission.



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The mission of Western Rise apparel is to equip the modern man to be ready for life in the city, or in the heart of the forest. Western Rise is designed for the man who wants to own less, and experience more. With life being unpredictable, Western Rise apparel maximizes life’s possibilities by creating the world’s most versatile clothing, no matter how you live, work, or play. By focusing on what matters most, Western Rise clothing is carefully crafted by removing anything unnecessary, creating maximum efficiency.

Western Rise apparel was founded by Kelly and Will Watters. Created with an adventurous spirit and a lofty goal, they sought to create clothing that works for anything your day may bring. By creating a design that breaks the mold of traditional clothing brands, Western Rise focuses on versatility to give you the most out of your closet space.



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Alchemy goods has become a pioneer in fashion upcycling. By utilizing repurposed materials, Alchemy goods has created an incredibly durable line of products designed for the eco-friendly adventurer. Reusing bicycle tubes, old vinyl banners, and salvaged denim, Alchemy goods has created a sustainable answer to fast fashion. With the heavy-duty features of industrial materials, Alchemy goods offer stylish weatherproof protection for the environmental adventurer.

In the summer of 2003, Eli Reich, a product engineer and bike commuter, had his messenger bag stolen. Being an industrious problem solver, Eli fashioned a replacement bag out of the materials he could find in abundance, bicycle inner tubes and reclaimed seatbelt straps. Through a gifted sewing machine, Eli fashioned the perfect hybrid of fashion, function, and eco-friendly to create the prototype for his future masterpiece.



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Strafe Outerwear is dedicated to living life in the mountains. Fostered by a passion for rugged adventure, Strafe Outerwear provides modern mountain apparel that doesn’t sacrifice style for performance. By utilizing recycled materials, the brothers have created a durable, ultra-breathable line of winter apparel that provides unparalleled mobility during your winter journey. 

Founded in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado, brothers John and Pete Gaston set out to create innovative snow apparel that would cater to the needs of all day adventures. As seasoned winter athletes, John and Pete understand the unique needs that the mountain demands.