PODCAST EP. 59 Ben Winter • Success Improv

Today Andy sits down with Ben Winter, Founder of Success Improv. Ben is a team building facilitator who helps people connect and create strong, lasting work relationships through improv. Ultimately, he aims to increase productivity and fun in the work place. From growing up shy and reserved to finding his creativity and passion with improv years after graduating college, Ben wants to empower people to grow together.

Find Ben’s books: havingexpectations.com



Life is improv. Learn the rules. Be successful. Business is no different. When employees learn the tools and techniques of improv, everything just works better. It isn’t complicated. It doesn’t take much time, and the ROI is definitely built into the training.

Using the tools and techniques of improv, your team will come together with a newfound approach to communicating and interacting. This type of training is not only effective, but it is also long-lasting. It doesn’t drive team members apart as some activities do. It provides an ROI on your team-building training.
Through laughter, fun, insightfulness, and a new perspective on things, your team will thrive. A happy team is a productive team. Productivity means profits.

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Based in Denver, CO


Team Building Unscripted by Success Improv is a combination of professional growth and improv. Through years of personal and professional growth work and years of doing improv, Ben Winter (founder and CEO) has come up with a formula that brings these two worlds together. By learning and implementing the rules of improv into every area of your life, you can be successful in those areas.

Ben has found that Success Improv can help with _________. Just fill in the blank and you can improve that area of your life. It could be business, relationships, family, social interactions, and much more.

Ben has over 10 years of acting and improv experience. He has over 15 years of personal and professional growth experience, personal coaching, and has owned several businesses, including Success Improv.


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